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Terms of use

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It is up to the user of 352.Immo to use the information on 352.Immo with caution and carry out any necessary verification before entering into commitments.

352.Immo can not be held liable for any offenses committed by third parties, suppliers or users via the 352.Immo website.

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352.Immo can not be held responsible for these momentary interruptions and the consequences that may result for the user of the site, the customer of the site, or any third party. 352.Immo can not be held responsible for any temporary inaccessibility due to events beyond the control of 352.Immo (virus, hacking, …), or for the direct or consequential damages resulting therefrom, in particular of damages resulting from a loss of data or a loss of profits resulting from the use or the non-accessibility of the site.

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